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80" Built-In Refrigerators

Danielle Gottwig
last year
last modified: last year

I am considering installing a refrigerator flanked by tall pantry cabinets on one wall of my kitchen. I'm thinking about footing the bill for a built-in / integrated refrigerator where the chassis + door equal out to 24" deep for flush installation with tall 24" deep cabinets on either side.

There's a wrinkle, however, which is that my kitchen has annoyingly low ceilings. For part of that wall's cabinet run, I only have 83" of clearance due to a soffit. After soffit ends, there is some space where I have more like 88.5".

Most built-in or flush refrigerators seem to be 84". But in crawling through appliance specifications, I've found a few that are just under 80" high and seem to be built for installation in an 80" high cabinet opening, which for my space is a lot easier to plan for:

Liebherr HC2082

Liebherr CBS2082

Miele KFNF99551DE

Fisher Paykel Series 7 RS36A80U1N

I have no opinion on panel-ready vs. SS. Either's fine.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these units, but more generally I am wondering if it is relatively "safe" to build cabinetry for a 36 wide x 80 H refrigerator or if these are wonky sizes the market will never see again. Does future replacement risk being a major issue? I'm encouraged to see this size repeat in three major brands, and it looks like there are threads on Houzz/Gardenweb about the Liebherr's going back 8 yrs or so. But I also know 84" is more standard, and that Subzero used to make an 80" tall, but discontinued it.

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