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The Mystery Roses of the Australian Tea-Noisette Collection

last month
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Margaret Furness, of the Heritage Roses in Australia, has created a marvelous book documenting the Australian Mystery Roses. Fortunately, it is available to read on Trove from the Mystery Roses of the National Library of Australia. This is well worth a read and comes complete with marvelous photos! Enjoy!

And, if you wish to purchase the volume, Perth Heritage Roses posted this on Facebook.

For those wanting to obtain the new booklet‘Mystery Roses of the Australian Tea-Noisette-China Collection’ please send your request to the email below.
Cost is $A10 per booklet. Postage within Aus is $2.80 for 1 to 3. Or 11 in a box for $12.
Postage to the USA is $A 64 for 11 in a box (2kg), with tracking and taking about 2 weeks. Postage for 2 in an envelope, taking 3 weeks and without tracking, would be $A15. About $5 more to Europe or the UK.

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