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bathroom fan/heat lamps require dedicated circuit

last year

Hi, Guys,

I'm finding that every bathroom fan/heat lamp (at least sold by Home Depot) requires a dedicated circuit, which I cannot provide. Some require a dedicated 10amp circuit. Some a dedicated 15 amp circuit. Some a dedicated 20 amp circuit. If it requires, say, a dedicated 10amp circuit, and I put it on a non-dedicated 20amp circuit and I know the other devices will draw less than, say, 6 amps (so total of 16 amps which is less than the breaker), what kind of trouble might I get into? (What is the worst scenario and what is the most likely scenario?)

The problem with a dedicated circuit is that my panel is already full and furthermore I don't have an easy way of fishing a cable from the panel to the attic above where I want to put in the bathroom fan/heat lamp. I should mention that there is already a fan at the location--I just want to replace it with a fan/heat lamp. I was hoping I could just replace the fan and use the same wiring in the walls and same switch.

Any suggestions?



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