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Amazing Eye Zones 2022

3 months ago

This is the category for daylilies with captivating eye zones. So show us your favorite eyed daylilies, patterned eyes, watermarks and washed eyes on this thread. Monday will be our last category - bicolors and bitones.

Here are some of my favorite eye zones from 2022:

A Little Night Music has such a dark, dark purple eye and edge. I need to get it in a better place so it has more buds.

Blue Jay Tapestry - With cooler temps at the beginning of the season, this one did have a very blue eye for a few days.

Blue Swallowtail had more buds than I expected. It was a first-time bloomer this year.

Busy Being Fabulous

I'm Gonna Love You Through It - I really like the shape of this eyezone.

Return to Camelot was a first-time bloomer. When well watered it looks good, but in our dry spell the petal color takes on tan tones.

Tides Roll In had some ornate patterns this year.

Yoga Man was another first-time bloomer. I was well-budded and continued amazing me with its large, patterned eye.

Rosie With A Ring

So Irresistible


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