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Range hood noise reduction

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We’re remodeling our kitchen, and are kind of confused about range hood options. In particular, we are trying to find an effective hood that won’t be too loud, and won’t be too obtrusive.

We are planning to put our 30” induction cooktop on an island. (Ideally, we’d put the cooktop on the wall, but we don’t have enough wall to work with for that.) We have 8’ ceilings, and the duct for the hood will run horizontally about 6 or 7 feet, to exit through an exterior wall. I cook frequently, often with a wok, so I need functional exhaust, but maybe less so than if we had a gas range.

Also, because my spouse and I are both short, we are planning to lower the island (with the cooktop) by a few inches, maybe to 32 or 33”.

We had our first meeting today with our designer, and she suggested, in response to us saying we wanted something unobtrusive, that we look into a ceiling mounted hood, such as the Zephyr Lux Connect Island. Aside from the effect on our budget, are these things actually any good? How loud are they? It seems too good to be true to try to vent a cooktop from the ceiling.

We’ve also looked at more standard 36” range hoods from Zephyr and Best. But we’re also confused about some of the options here, in particular, regarding how to reduce noise. Some things I’ve read suggest that getting an external blower is one way of reducing noise, but it also seems that external blowers are mostly for perhaps higher CFM than we might otherwise need. Also, for unobtrusiveness, we ideally would want the hood as high as possible above the cooktop to avoid blocking our line of sight, but of course that may work against the effectiveness of the hood.

Finally, I’m confused about vertical vs horizontal ducting. I see on some hood spec sheets that they use ”vertical ducting”. does that mean that they expect the hood to be entirely vented vertically to the outside? Because our bedroom is directly above the kitchen, so that is not an option. And the island hood options that allow horizontal ducting, at least from Zephyr, seem very limited.

This is a bit vague, but we’d appreciate any advice, or even just links to good advice.

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