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Small dilemma with cabinet alignement

2 months ago
last modified: last month

Hello everyone !

My kitchen is being installed but I've noticed a slight misalignment issue in the plan:

Basically when the hood and the range are lined up, the right wall cabinet sticks out by half an inch against the base cabinet (red line in image below).

The 3 wall panels (the 1/2" marks above on the diagram) are used to cover the white color of the cabinets which are slightly different from the cabinet doors. They aren't necessary on the base cabs around the range since they would be completely hidden except on the rightmost edge.

Any ideas on how to have the rightmost upper/lower panels aligned is welcome!

@rebunky found a good illustration of what it would look like from an old post, exagerated to clarify the point (would actually be by 1/2") :

My contractor was going for a 31" rough opening for the range against the 30" opening of the kitchen plan I provided him, feedback from a previous discussion made it clear it would be unusual and pretty disadvantageous.

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