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Sink mount - how cool is this?

OK, so much is made of how to mount an apron front sink. I've already got a couple of threads discussing this, and experts (which I am definitely not!) weigh in frequently when people have questions or are having trouble. The "Pete's Sink Mount" system gets shout-outs, but nobody ever posts how this thing exactly works, nor pictures of the process. And no one in my small town ever heard of the thing. I did some research and corresponded with "Pete" who was very nice and responsive, but I was still left feeling like I was taking a leap of faith, especially because my countertop guy is a fan of 2X4 supports, my GC wanted to just rest the sink on the cabinet, and my cabinet guy wanted to use right-angle metal pieces screwed into the cabinet is hard for a civilian to advocate for herself without a lot of data.

So in an effort to help others out, I am going to post a set of pictures which hopefully will clarify for folks thinking about their apron-front, undermount sinks and how to get them in place. (Experts, be kind. I'm sure it's not perfect, but still...) This is from my ongoing kitchen remodel:

First, the original sink cab as it came from the shop:

We removed the middle 1/3 of the top, to make room for the "Pesimoki".

Picture of same, from below installed: The only hiccup was the drain overlapped the front support strut, and we had to move the whole sink back about half an inch in order to be able to install the disposal and plumbing. Which affects how "proud" the sink will be. Which also affects the countertop overhang. But it's not a deal breaker.

Now for the cool part. Here's the sink with counter installed, sink not yet "dialed" up to the counter: You can see a small gap there between the two.

And then after they turn the screws on the undermount kit, and the sink rises up to the counter:

It's pretty nifty. I thought it would be nice to have this in the Houzz archives so people could see it, if they're thinking of doing something like this!

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