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Is this ocean blue quartzite?

2 months ago


had new quartzite installed called Manhattan. from brazil, tested and true quartzite from reputable fabricator ive used for many years. upon install there was large discoloration along island perimeters and back of counters in spots. installer said its just water absorption from cuttting and will dry quickly. it never did.. they tried drying it with a hand held blower, poultice for a week; nothing worked. they are happy to replace it. He is stumped as to what happened.

we love the stone color - light blue/ grey/ cream/ white and have yet to find another quartzite like it. The pics look darker than what it really is. we are apprehensive to try the same material again for fear of an issue, but looks wise, the only other stones we like are marble, which is a mixed bag of experience and opinions. i have searched and searched for posts and experience with Manhattan Quartzite and cant find anyhthing. Fabricator said he doesnt know it by any other name. However, I stumbled across a few posts and pics quartzite of what looks identical to my Manhattan quartzite called “ocean blue ” anyone with ocean blue quartize out there that can share their experience? we would be willing to replace it, but not if others have had similar issues or find it to be problematic stone. thanks !

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