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A superb perennial catalogue

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I admit it, I often idle away too much time gawking at these catalogues especially during the off-season. There is one that I have always been 'extra' impressed with. The nursery is no longer in business :( but I appreciate it that they have left most elements of the site still up and viewable.

It is FREE SPIRIT Nursery, once residing in BC Canada. I did do some mail order from them maybe 3 years ago and received very healthy specimens. (I even mailed the owner a plant I had they he was interested in :)).

Anyways the "full colour Illustrated Manual" can be found here and is available for dload on this page (there is the B&W version but I enjoy seeing the colour photos)

It doesn't take long to see, reading some of the detailed descriptions that it was prepared by people who know and have experience with these perennials.

A quick example:

gigas Z5 (3) burgundy180 cm x 90 cm ❍ ◗ Aug-Sept Biennial. Spectacular, dark, burgundy-red flowers on tall stems make a statement in your perennial border. The flowers attract a fascinating array of flies and wasps. Usually reseeds reluctantly to provide for a new generation. It’s important though, to make sure the young seedlings are not inadvertently discarded in early spring. They look like two small, opposite, grassy-green blades, spreading horizontally from a tiny white stem marked with red.

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