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Bathroom Vanity Dilemma

2 months ago

Hello fellow Houzz-ers,

My husband and I are trying to trouble shoot the best way to hide/trick-the-eye on our big oops with our Master Bath Vanity. Let me preface two important items: this is a been custom build by my husband (no contractor to yell at) and we will not be back tracking at this point.

The sinks match up with the vanity cabinet. The vanity lights are close to evenly spaced on the tile of the vanity wall. The mirrors that will be hung can not both be in line with the sinks and the vanity lights. Yikes!

I suggested: hang mirrors above sinks (because I don't want to be at the sink and have to shift right or left to see myself) and put up floating shelf/shelves next to each mirror.

My husband suggested: order a custom mirror for the left side with the height staying the same and making it a few inches wider to "close the gap" of space between the mirror and it's outside vanity light (this might be hard to see in this one picture).

We talked about rectangle mirrors but I prefer to oval to fit with the design style and a large horizontal mirror (removing the middle sconce light) but that is not want I invisioned in my design style.

Any addtiional ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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