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Cambria Brittanicca Seam Question

Jacquie Lynch
last month

I came here to search for anyone that used Brittanicca for island and backsplash with solid white perimeter (Looking at Whitehall). Was hoping to find photos of the Brittanicca up against the Whitehall. I keep finding posts warning not to use Brittanicca if there is a seam. I want to ensure the problem is only when trying to align two different pieces together. My island is only 86" long but my condo is on the 3rd floor of a walk up. The fabricator told me that due to the weight of the quartz and the corners of the flights of stairs that they will have to cut the island and use a seam. He promised his seams get lots of praises. I checked reviews, they do. Since the slab is only being cut to get it up the stairs and through my front door I would think there will be a perfect match. It's still a seam but the stairwell is an unavoidable problem. Are you all saying the seam will cause a break in the design? There's a few other Cambria designs that pull at my heartstrings for their boldness (Oakleigh, Inverness Platinum and now the Berkshire Steel) Maybe if the seam is going to be problematic one of those might be more forgiving on the island.

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