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Marble question

last month

I have to tear our my new quartzite counters due to mysterious staining that was present during install and never resolved. we are leary to choose the same quartzite for fear of it happening again. our kitchen cabinets were already refinished the day before install, and the color was chosen to go with the qiartzite which is being replaced. the cabinets are a true birfgt white ( chantilly lace) im struggling to find a quartziite that has a white/ cool undertone. most are warm/ beige undertones.. i found a white mabrle that im considering, Namibian Sky. i tested 2 sealed samples 1 polished 1 honed. vinegar causes the most obvios etching. we are not drinkers , so wine isnt much of a concern of mine, not big lemon users…… my bighest concerns are oils, butter and tomato sauce, as they are frequently used. none of those left any marks on the samples.

ive read alot of posts and it seems wine and citrus are the biggest culprits. would the fact we arent wine drinkers or lemon users eliminate most etching issues , or are there other items to be concerned with?


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