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Technical help with GE Advantium Oven

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My GE Advantium oven has many more features than my first generation Advantium I had installed over 25 yrs ago in our Florida house.

Shortly before Thanksgiving I thought I would test the Convection bake feature thinking it might come in handy at Thanksgiving. I tested it with medium size potatoes cut into quarters. Set the convection bake at 350. After 30 minutes the potatoes were not done nor was there any browning. I checked the interior walls of the oven with my IR gun which showed the walls to be at least 100-150 less than the 350 temp I set.

I called Ge unfortunately my warranty had expired a couple of months ago. My GE french door oven has a steam clean feature which I tried once. I found it was pretty much worthless as far as cleaning the interior. Is the convection bake a feature that doesn't work very well or does it need service? As an additional comment. I have seldom used convection in the regular oven as tried and true recipes seem to come out less than desirable. Most of my friends cook with convection all the time. Thank you for any enlightenment.