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Amending soil with biochar

last month

I've been very pleased with hügelkultur and been thinking of incorporating biochar with it and/or adding biochar to compost when stored. Judging by cost if bought the stuff is like gold. Lots of conflicting info coming from experts. Some say it has no nutrients others call it fertilize. Some say it accelerates deterioration others claim it causes wood to deteriorate extremely slow. The way I figured to use it is dig a hole and fill with varying size wood,set wood on fire then cover it with dirt after it is burning well. It's sorta sketchy as to whether it's necessary to extinguish fire with water to prevent total consumption. I know from experience wood fence post can be preserved by charring before burying so I'm concerned wood will not rot if charred. Anyone made and/or used biochar and if so what do you think?

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