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What do I do with this kitchen!?

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Hi there, first time renovating a home and I am completely lost with what to do with the kitchen! The house I have brought is a 1970's English terraced house and the layout of the kitchen currently, is annoying, cramped and I want to get the opinions of the houzz members to see what you think. Video of kitchen empty here:

The kitchen needs a complete overhaul, there's a lot going on but I think my biggest barrier currently is the layout. There are two doors, one leading from the lounge to the kitchen/diner and the other leading out to the garden. Then there’s two windows against the far side wall which makes it difficult to put in an L shaped kitchen, but then I think the distance between the non door walls is too great to do a parallel layout

The I plan to get rid of the middle weird island/tall draw thing that is currently slap bang in the middle of the kitchen space:

Radiator will be removed but not sure where to put it and if to use this wall for surface space:

My own preference is a cottage/farmhouse style interior. P.S pics are at point of sale so all of the furniture bar the oven have been removed.

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