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Roof is lighter than expected - maybe change the trim? Something else?

Megan S
last year

We went with Owens Corning Estate Gray, but months later I am still wishing we had picked Onyx black. I liked Onyx black a lot, but was afraid it'd be too stark. But as I learned the hard way, roofs seem to appear much lighter on large scales than they do in samples.

In addition to the roof being lighter than I anticipated, there's just not enough contrast between it and the house. I know that it is far from awful. It could be a lot worse. But there's just something off about it. I've tried to live with it, but it still nags away at me.

The house was painted Behr blueprint a couple of years ago (it reads more blue in person on a sunny day, rather than blue-gray).

But maybe changing the trim could help? Or changing the third color from beige to something else? I just don't know where to begin... black? Burgundy? Or bite the bullet and repaint the whole house ... or the roof? (I guess there is such a thing as shingle paint...)

What would you do? Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.

[As a side note, for context, we ended up replacing the roof at a not-so-ideal time. We bought a fixer-upper and have spent a lot of time, sweat, and money on fixing-'er-up. Our flashing failed and I discovered a leak, in the middle of a million other projects. I didn't scrutinize the roof color as much as I should have -- now things have settled down and I have a roof color hangover I guess.]

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