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review and ideas for our house plans

last year

We are planning to build a new house attached to my existing veterinary hospital. We got approval from the township. We’ll use part of the hospital wall for the first floor. Second floor will spread out on part of the hospital’s first floor ceiling and it’s own first floor.
We are hoping for a wood burning oven in the kitchen (seen on the plan next to pantry). Cat room is for our cat’s litter box (a fan attached to the wall to remove the dust and smell) and storage. Staircase will have skylight to allow some plants under the stairs.
There will be a sunroom/conservatory over the garage. And a studio for my wife to work on her projects (hat making, painting, sewing). We don’t need so many bedrooms but the plan allows us to place them. We were thinking to have an open ceiling for the living room but we will be missing the beautiful view of the horse farm on the south side. So we decided to place our bedroom and bathroom on the south side.
We have not talked about the final cost but some things can be changed if it is prohibitively expensive.
I really appreciate amy inputs, reviews, suggestions.

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