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Baking with the AGA 48 inch Elise induction range

last year

Hello all,

I thought I'd go ahead and start a separate discussion in regards to baking with the AGA Elise 48 in. induction range. I know there's a bit of a learning curve, so it seems like a good way to share our experiences with it specifically when it comes to the ovens.

As I mentioned in a previous discussion:

The main thing I’ve learned is that the smaller oven size allows for more heat retention, which in turn can mean faster baking times. My rule of thumb at this point is to either start the oven at 25 degrees less than the recipe calls for, or reduce the baking time. It’s a bit of trial and error at the beginning with the ovens, but for us it’s been worth it. We really do love our AGA Elise for its aesthetics and performance.

Also, I did have to replace my half sheet pans. I now use Wilton baking sheets that I purchased at Target.

I appreciate everyone who's shared their experience with the ovens in other threads!

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