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Organics in containers: so many questions!

3 months ago

After some extensive searching on this forum, I gather that there is a prevalent notion that organic fertilizing doesn't work for container gardening, due to the lack/instability of soil life to process the nutrients.
I have been wondering a few things related to this topic, so I am grouping my questions into one thread. If anyone has any insight on this it would be much appreciated.
1) When people say organics don't work in pots, are they only referring to things like banana peels and eggshells etc, or does this also apply to commercially available liquid organic fertilizers such as the many fish-based and algae based liquid fertilizers, such as Neptune's Harvest or MG's Performance Organics liquid fertilizers?
2) Are there any actual comparative studies showing differences between plants grown with synthetic vs organic bottled liquid fertilizers and a control of no fertilizer at all?
3) Is there a difference in salt content between these types of fertilizers? Are bottled synthetic fertilizers saltier than bottled organic ones?
4) Is there any benefit to homemade "teas" such as alfalfa or neem meal teas, for container gardening?
5) Several cannabis growing brands sell enzyme solutions which are supposed to be used in conjunction with an organic fertilizer regimen. Have these been proven to be of any benefit to container grown plants' ability to absorb the nutrients in organic ferts?
6) What about when these enzymes are used in conjunction with co-enzymes (trace minerals)?
A lot of questions at once, I know. If anyone has links or references I would be especially interested in replies based on actual comparative tests and research, but personal empirical observations are also very welcome!

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