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Ideas for a holiday raffle basket featuring condiments . . .

I am going to a holiday party for our local garden club that I just joined. They do a raffle at the party as a fundraiser for the club which they use to purchase trees for the local elementary school kids on Arbor Day. Anyway, prior to the raffle they have a "greens" party where everyone brings stuff and they make holiday centerpieces/decorative baskets with greens, etc. Then later in the week they have the party for the larger group of the club and raffle and sell what they made at the party. I don't want to go to the centerpiece making party but I am going to go to the holiday party so I need to bring and item to raffle. Not everyone does the greens.

I have a set of three condiment bowls that I got to go with my cheese tray but I ended up finding another set I like more, so I never used the condiment bowls. They are pretty nice, fairly large and solid. They measure 4 inches square. Pictured below. I want to make up a party bag/basket to go with them. I don't want to spend a huge amount of money but something usable and nice. I also bought some home made dip mixes at a local craft fair so I could incorporate those . . . also have home made green tomato hot dog relish and bruschetta.

I was thinking maybe cheese, dry salami, baguette, home made hotdog relish, ranch seasoning pack and some kind of mustard or maybe even mostarda if I can find it. I'd like to do a third thing, maybe olives?? Also not sure what to get to package it in. I'm guessing a basket with clear wrapping might be best for maximum visibility of the stuff. It's quite a bit, I could leave out the bread, cheese and salami and just do the condiments, but that seems a little odd.

Ideas needed. Photo below of the condiment dishes. I could do a larger condiment assortment . . . I have tomato bruschetta and salsa and the relish that I made and canned, but none of those things go all together. I could do relish, tomato pesto and one other thing, not sure what, snazzy olive oil? I want to get rid of the relish . . . it's good but I have a lot and I won't eat it all that fast. I could do salsa, black bean dip and . . . I hate to invest in canned queso stuff, it's so processed!! Maybe salsa, black bean dip and the ranch dressing mix . . . throw in some unripe avocados . . . they're green . . .

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