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folds on flat panel curtains with rings

Barb Wise
last year

I have scoured pictures on the internet for attaching curtain rings to flat panel curtains. I am using a metal ring with a small eyelet loop at the bottom, NOT clip on rings. The rings will hook onto curtain hooks. I have two panels joined to create a 100” inch panel and have to make sure the seam is at the back of a fold. This will be determined by the ring placement. The big question is do the folds go to the front away from the wall with the ring at the back, or is the ring in the front with the folds going back towards the wall? I have seen many pictures with the rings at the back. I have attached pictures of both options. Pros and cons of each way? If you expand the blue curtain photo you can see the folds going behind the curtain rings. Folds are in front on the black curtain.

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