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Grading requirements for remodeling

2 months ago

We are remodeling home (kept the orginial foundation of 1300sqft and added 1000 sqft and rebuild everything new). Our site is a flat ground (i.e. no slope etc). Our construction permit didn't needed any specific grading permit. We have passed all the inspections and in the final phase of finishing (cabinets, flooring etc).

Our contractor recently mentioned that as a part of final inspection, there will be a grading inspection to make sure the water flows away from house. According to him the stucco needs to be atleast 6-8" above grade and we meet that requirement. However in some parts of the backyard the level is such that the water can flow towards house i.e. grading is not proper.

He is suggesting two solutions (according to him both are needed)

a) Create a drainage system where all the downspouts will connect to a pipe and the pipe will go to a pit in the backyard filled with gravel and covered with dirt and grass. The pipe would be unground and not visible.

b) Do hardscaping (pavers or concrete) starting right from the house walls. He is saying with pavers or concrete, the gap requirement between stucco and hardscape reduces to 2". So this way he doesn't need to dig out lot of dirt from the areas where grade is negative.

My questions :

a) For a remodeling project which didn't needed any grading permit, does the final inspection include such grading inspection ?

b) Is it true that the gap requirement between stucco and grade drops from 8" to 2" if grade is hardscape compared to dirt.

c) How much grade is generally needed for backyard ? is it 5% for the first 5 feet from house or 5% for the first 10 feet ?

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