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Decisions re New Front Door

Joanne Goldenberg
2 months ago

We are needing to replace our current front double door which is wood. We live in Southern California (San Diego specifically about 5 miles from the coast). We are wanting a door that won’t warp (that’s what happened to our current one, but need direction on material (fiberglass vs wood) for the replacement. Also, we’re considering switching out our double door for a single door with two side panels (or one side panel). I want some obscured glass to allow light in and permit me to peer out and see who might be outside the door. Our dimensions are 60” x 80”. We’re looking for a style that would help us transition from a traditional look towards a more modern look, but doing the renovation on the inside will take some time, so in the meanwhile, a door solution that “fits” both styles would be great.

Would love to hear your suggestions and comments.

Thank you.

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