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House plans for our Oklahoma farm

last month

We have been working on house plans for about six months now for building on our Oklahoma farm. We have 40 acres and will continue to live in the existing house while the new house is built and then tear down the old house. Your input is appreciated.

I can take constructive criticism and your feedback is truly desired as I have seen all the improvements you all have made to others homes with your comments, But please be kind!

Items of importance to us:

-Blending with existing windmill (75+ years old), barn, outbuildings, fencing, etc. We are NOT going for a modern farmhouse look. I'll post a few farm photos in the next post.

-Porches and views. We are a satellite location for a large national donkey rescue and we love to sit both inside or on porches and watch the donkeys, plus we have visitors/adopters often on our farm. We have donkey fields to the east, west and south. The house will face north.

-Semi-open but not open concept.

-I work full time from home so I wanted an office that was more isolated (not right by the front door).

Items I know you all won't like:

-corner kitchen sink (I'm ambivalent on this so open to suggestions)

-master closet access through master bathroom (this is an absolute requirement for us in home design)

-hallway - We have a lot of books and I asked for a feature hallway with shelves/windows along one side. I think of it as a library hall.

-stairs to nowhere. It is unfinished attic space upstairs but there are some design reasons why the stairs aren't closed off at the bottom (reading nook beside stairs, landing requirements). I wanted a walk up attic but the open stairs are an unnecessary expense so the jury is still out on that.

I have all the exterior elevations but didn't want to overload this thread with info.

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