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Small cabin with challenging tv placement

Michael Yu
2 months ago

I'm having a challenging time figuring out a tv placement that looks good and allows comfortable seating for 6 adults. I will be replacing all the furniture by the way, so none of whats pictured is staying. I do also plan on adding drywall for the ceiling, so there will be some white contrast.

The most natural spot to me feels like above the fireplace. But I think the space will feel way too cramped, as it already is and that's without seating for 6.

Another idea is to have the tv against the staircase and "closing" up that staircase wall so the tv can use the full height up to top of the handrail.

Something like this:

My uncertainty would still be the seating setup as I also need a compact dinning setup within this space. There is a loft, but I was planning on resesrving that for games and just a lounge place.

Any advise on what options I have for the TV & couches in the living room are appreciated!

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