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Tile backsplash all the way down to the bottom?

Eco Designer
last month

Hello, I am working on a basement development project. There is a 5ft long wet bar to be put in place right in front of the staircase. The stairway will have glass panel and wood railing on top. I chose brick style (in white) tile for backsplash as shown in the picture to go all the way up to the ceiling with no return on the side wall. On the left side, there's space between the bar counter top and stair case so they don't meet (drywall under the staircase and paint in white). The current design is to cap the edge of the tiles in the area right above the bar. Will it look better to do the backsplash all the way down to the bottom of the staircase and wrap around the barn? Or the current design is fine. P.S. I didn't choose to custom made the bar (more costly to do so) to make the bar longer to meet the staircase. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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