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Small tree recommendations with fall color zone 8

2 months ago

Hi, I’m looking for help on choosing a tree for a small space in front of a townhome. We’ve received approval from our HOA to plant a tree in what would be considered “our yard” which is about 20’ deep and 16’ wide. Although, we do have an end unit next to common space so could take advantage of planting the tree towards that side vs the middle if we want. In front of us is some guest parking so I want to be considerate of the cars so ideally no berries, acorns, sap, etc that might be extra messy. I’m mainly looking for a tree that could provide fall foliage as I live in central Texas and miss the brilliant red and orange leaves from up north. The spot also gets full sun so it needs to stand up to extreme Texas summers and the occasional freeze.

Would rather stay away from sumacs and other species that like to spread vigorously since we are in a condo community. Also, our kitchen faces this front area so we have to stay away from trees with invasive roots. We do have a redbud in the back, but I’m hoping for something different in the front. Thanks.

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