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Return Vent (aka Wind Tunnel) in Ceiling

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I have a new home and the builders "smartly" decided to put in a return vent on the ceiling of the first floor (HVAC is on the second floor), directly below the HVAC unit. Every time the AC or heat kicks on it sounds like a wind tunnel. I had a tech out for another issue and asked him about the noise. After a rant about how stupid return vents in the ceiling are, he suggested that I try covering the vent (I have two other return vents on the second floor). I was a little surprised by this advice, as I had heard that you should NEVER cover a return vent (albeit, he did say to monitor the unit after covering the vent - to make sure that it's not overheating). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried this. If not, I was wondering if insulating the return duct upstairs would help with the noise (or if there are any other ways to make this darn thing quieter)? Thanks in advance.

On a slightly different note - should I be worried about this?

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