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Sam, the Garbage Gut man

last month
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This evening was certainly eventful.

I needed to refill the two containers I keep my meds in. No big deal; I do this every two weeks.

I do need a quiet atmosphere and the dogs under control so I can concentrate - meaning I need to do this when DH is not home.

I set everything out and was distributing the pills. I was working on the last bottle, “ergocalciferol,” a prescription version of an industrial-strength Vitamin D.

I started shaking like a leaf and spilled about half the tablets.

Here comes Sam; he’s scarfing them up faster than I can get down on the floor to retrieve them.

I called the emergency vet in Grand Forks and explained the situation to her. Yes; this prescription is dangerous for dogs and can cause liver and kidney problems.

DH drove him to the Emergency Clinic where Sam was forced to vomit and then had a large amount of processed charcoal pumped into his stomach.

They did not have time to let him walk around the grounds before he went in, so on top of all the other mess and stress Sam had an extreme p**ping event.

DH had to stay in the waiting room. He heard the nurses laughing and talking to Sam. He heard water running and a dryer blowing.. They got everything cleaned up, including Sam.

Sam was being a ham the entire time and had the Doc and three nurses totally charmed. He’s such a dawg‘s dog. He luuuuvs girls. 🤣

He’s home now and sleeping soundly. I’m sleeping in the living room recliner so I can take him outside quickly if there’s an emergency.

He has to go back Friday for a blood panel to see if his kidney/liver functions are good.

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