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DECEMBER OBF - Teeny Tiny Christmas Stockings

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Our Blooming Friends is a membership group here at the Round Robin Exchange. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Shirley brittneysgran . I (Jeanne - sandlapper_rose) am the one to communicate with about questioning relating to this particular swap.

Yes, the December Swap will be simple. Things just seem to get busier for me each year. (Wonder if my age has something to do with it?) But I do love Christmas.

This will be similar to other years in that we will mail cards - only sending out 2 and receiving 2 in return. However you will not know who will be sending to you until your cards arrive. Now what about the "teeny tiny stocking"? My idea is to make one that fits in the card you are sending that will allow the envelope to remain flat (keeping the price down) and a very very simple thing being put inside the stocking (a small packet of seeds, a bookmark, maybe a small gift card for coffee or a drive thru restaurant chain (thinking no more than $5) The stocking can even be two pieces of paper shaped like a stocking glued around the sides but not at the top (so you can put the prize inside). Also fairly easy to do something with two pieces of fabric. You can be creative with what you put in the stocking. What I mentioned are just suggestions.

I think all I dare to attempt for a game is Bingo. I''ll post the words for Bingo in a day or two.

Please sign up to swap by December 9 and get your card with the stocking enclosed in the mail by Dec. 14.

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