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I’m whining today……

sherrygirl zone5 N il
last year
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Well….I’m whining because it was 28* today with 25 mph winds out of the west, wind chill was 11*. I am just not ready for this brutal weather yet. I guess it means spring will be coming???

Our landscaper finished a redo of our backyard patio and short retention wall yesterday when the temp was around 50*……I am guessing they are glad they finished yesterday. A ton of roots got removed from the maple and the patio was moved a bit further away from it. Ignore the temporary fencing to keep the dogs out of the repaired lawn.

Look close at the plants growing at the base of the maple….Autumn Bride Heuchera. Who says you cant grow under a maple. They are growing happily in the spaces between the huge roots at the base.


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