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Advice on unmulling factory-mulled windows?

2 months ago


I am adding windows to a portion of my midcentury modern house (read: post and beam structure). Turns out a window was ordered wrong, and instead of ordering 2 windows of 2 panes each, a single, 4-pane window was ordered, which is now cutting through a post (and triggering a structural fix that we do not wish to entertain).

The contractor is telling me that he can try to unmull this window on site into two windows. I am wondering if this is a good idea or not, and what are the hidden or obvious risks, pros and cons to doing this.

An obvious pro is that if successful, it will save us the money and hassle of getting additional windows. In terms of con, I suspect that doing this might void the warranty -- but I would not worry too much of it if this operation is safe and does not compromise the window integrity etc.

My main concern is how hard or easy it is, and depending on that whether the windows might end up looking ugly or bandaided etc. This window is by the entry of our house and therefore appearance is important.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts/suggestions/information.

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