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Fireplace Mantle

alyssa b
2 months ago

Hi! We recently moved into a house that has a stone facade fireplace. We white-washed it because the stone was very dark, so it is a greige (Grey beige). I intended for it to be beige, so am choosing accents in the room that lighten it. Separately, I am having trouble deciding on what kind of mantle to put on. Ideally, I’d love a mantle that’s the same stone and same color, but that isn’t an option unfortunately. Many
people suggested a wood mantle that matches our blonde oak wood floors. I recently bought oak wood to make a mantle, it was lightest option in the mill house but it is still darker than the floor. To begin, I am not crazy about a wood mantle, but don’t know what to do so I feel pidgeon-holed. Attached is a photo. Any suggestions/advice is very much appreciated:)

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