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Help with small open play layout please!

hannah white
2 months ago

We currently have a small downstairs, in one room a kitchen/dining space, and the other a lounge. However, we really like the idea of an open plan layout, but need ideas for the best way to arrange it!

Attached is the current layout, and the proposed open space.

A few further points:

- I think we need to keep the walkway to the french doors clear

- Happy to reduce the amount of lounge seating, e.g. perhaps have a smaller cosier lounge area, perhaps with an L shaped sofa, or one sofa and an armchair

- We considered a way to make the dining space less imposing on the room is to have some built in bench seating along the wall (with storage underneath), but doesn't have to be the case

- The kitchen needs to stay in the same location, but we are considering replacing so the configuration can move around a bit

I'd love to hear your ideas, as I feel like we're going round in circles a bit!

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