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last year

I'm not associated with this company, in fact I received my first order yesterday from them. I was pleased enough to want to write a review (which I did on Garden Watchdog), but thought maybe some folks on GW would appreciate it as well. I'll change up my review a bit for the different purpose/audience and include some photos.

I placed a relatively small order (6 plants I think) in earliest November, the Paypal payment sat for about a week, then I got a projected ship date email of 'in November'. The plants shipped the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (causing them to spend at least 2 extra days in shipment, which caused me distress with the cold weather), however, they arrived quite safely and looked good for being 6 or 7 days in a dark box. They were small (but with the prices..which I appreciate), but I expected that. In truth, they were larger than I had expected. In point of fact, I could see that about half the plants were budded with incipient flowers. that was quite unexpected for plants in 2 1/2 inch pots. There was some soil dislodgement, but not serious, I settled it back in with a good watering for all.

Begonia 'Withlacoochee' was not something I ordered, it was a gift or a seconday substitution for the Impatiens soldenii I had ordered.

One item was substituted with another species in the same genus, which I'm uncertain if I'm happy about or not (time will tell). I wasn't consulted about the substitution and was unaware till I unpacked the box. The invoice had a note that they weren't in leaf (whether that meant the target plant was semi-dormant or was in a bad shape, I don't know). The plant not shipped was Impatiens soldenii 'Zanzibar', they sub'd with Impatiens niamniamensis 'Frieling's Cream Rim'. which I think they have the wrong pic associated with on their website :( I have a dislike of variegated things, so it may give me shivers every time I walk by it...not sure.

They included a free plant (an english ivy var 'Anita'), which I personally find offensive as a plant. Hey, it was free, I'm not gonna quibble about it with them...but hedera helix is an invasive exotic, so I will either find someone else to take it (I hate to destroy a plant) or will dispose of it. Err pardon the dead plants that I never got up the umption to dispose of from last winter:(

I would prefer they had taken the time to call, text, or email me and consult me on the substitution, but all in all, they may have provided me a more proper plant for my windowsill conditions (jury still out).

I was very pleased with the Cryptanthus 'Elaine' and hope I can do it proud.

Also in the order (but not photographed as they weren't particularly interesting till they come into flower): begonia evansiana (dormant of course), jasminum sambac 'Little Duke', and Pelargonium 'Bird Dancer' (stellar geranium).

I am not adverse to ordering again when there is sufficient plant material I want, though I do feel like their communication channels could be improved. If you expect exhibition quality and size plants, don't shop here. But if you want good starter plants with a wide variety and aren't particularly insistent that they be delivered any time soon, they may be a good source.

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