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Help! The chemical smell from our new GE oven is overwhelming

2 months ago

We recently bought a new GE electric oven. We understand you have to burn-in an oven to get rid of factory odors. With previous ovens we'd turn them on high for an hour or so. There would be some odor but nothing too alarming with good ventilation. But this oven is entirely different. We've tried to do a burn-in twice. We ran it for two hours on high and then broil. The oven released a noxious chemical smell that filled the entire house even with all windows open and fans running. We had to go to a hotel for 4 nights. And then wash all the bedding and scrub down the upholstery to get the smell to go away. We asked GE to send a technician but GE said that this was normal and to keep burning it in. But by the time we pay for another hotel for 4 nights (city rates) we could buy a new oven. Has anyone bought an electric oven recently that doesn't do this? If so could you please let us know? We understand there will be some smell with any new oven but what is happening with this oven is way beyond anything we've ever experienced. Thanks!

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