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Options for these kitchen cabinets?

Kelly Nelson
last year

New house and this kitchen depresses me. I can't complain about the size or the appliances, but the material choices are dated and not my style.

I'd love to replace the cabinets and counters (black granite on the counters and leathered granite on the 15' island), but we have other remodeling projects ahead and dear husband sees no need to update a "perfectly fine" kitchen. We did replace a busy backsplash and are replacing the black pulls as soon as I find the right ones (looking for and trying out brushed nickel -but limited to 5" centers).

My dream cabinets are white, shaker style, to the ceiling with lighted glass cabinets at the top. Something similar to this:

I would also replace two of the doors with glass. I can't get that look with paint alone since the existing doors have the raised panels and sit on top of the frames. I don't know if the center portion could be cut out, or if it could be sanded down, but they would still be on top of the frame rather than level.

I am unsure if I should do what I can (paint and new pulls), and accept that it won't be the look I want but better than the dark stained cherry, or just start saving for new cabinets and counters.

I know there are creative people here, so I welcome advice. Thank you!

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