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Best mite treatment

Neil Bradburn
last year

Hi all, I've got what appear to be mites on my citrus and I need your help. I can see the telltale signs of small webs dotted around the plants and can also see a bit of mottling and the odd 'pocket' in the leaves. I've got 4 lemons, a kumquat, a rangpur lime, a yuzu,a mandarin and a grapefruit, all supplied in 6l pots, and a number of them are infected. I'm in the UK and they are in the conservatory, so fortunately it's damp and descending down the single digits and thus I believe slowing their development. However, I believe the idea is to nip these infections in the bud and thus would appreciate your advice for the most effective and plant friendly treatment. I've got neem oil and a gentle soft soap handy, but I'm learning to take things slowly with citrus and to make the right choice.
Many thanks in advance!

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