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DD is Going to Europe: Gift Ideas?

last year
last modified: last year

Our 28 y/o daughter and her three long-time girlfriends recently booked a 10-day European cruise with stops at quite a few cities including Paris, Lisbon, Brussels, London, etc. It will be in early-May. They’ll be gone just over two weeks total with stays at B&Bs before and after the cruise itself. Any ideas for Christmas (and birthday) gifts for her that would make her trip easier or nicer? She has traveled quite a bit, but not out of the country.

She already has packing cubes, space bags, suitcase locks, eye mask for sleeping, ear plugs, headphones for her cell phone that really blocks out noise, a nifty new carry-on bag that she just purchased for our trip last week to Michigan. We’re getting her a Kindle for Christmas, but I’d love some other ideas.

One idea I have is a cross-body purse with an uncutable (is that even a word-LOL?) security strap. Ideas?

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