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Need help with rug

Janet Mmm
2 months ago

I need help with a rug. I want a 10x10 per previous advise. I’ve asked for help with this room before and so far all I have done is rearranged and put the tv over the fireplace. The tv will stay over the fireplace we love it so far as we can see it from the kitchen and it’s a frame tv. I will be buying all new upholstered furniture, painting and anything else that is needed. Plan so far is ivory couch and 2 navy chairs also open to Carmel leather couch or chairs instead of ivory. Attached pics of rugs I’ve narrowed down to so far. I added the plain ivory shag for 2 reasons that I have same rug in my living room and love the quality of it and ease of cleaning. I also need advise on fireplace wall the sides are uneven widths so - should I leave sides empty or new cabinets or shelves or is what I have now okay? Rug needs to happen soon I’ve been without one for months.

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