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Sectional sofa seat cushion with or without springs

Yun Tong
2 months ago

We have been shopping for our dream sectional in our living room. Like many others shared in this forum, the number of considerations has been overwhelming. We have finally boiled down to an essential question in our final decision -- How critical it is to go with a sectional with cushions containing springs inside vs. foam wrapped in down/feather/fiber etc.

We are going for a clean and contemporary look and below is our journey, an "arch" of where we started our search and where we are now and ready to make the final decision. Recommendations and thoughts are super appreciated!

  • We started with contemporary looks like the Coburn by Arhaus or Cleon by Blu Dot. We are now moving away from these selections due to the fact that the seat cushion contains foam that is wrapped with down/feather/fiber so we are concerned that the cushion will lose its shape after some use. Not being able to flip the cushions in these designs makes the issue more profound. and we are not ready to go for a "casual" look in our living room after a year of use.

  • We also considered Melbourne or Haven by West Elm and then quickly realized that there is no spring in the cushions in pretty much all West Elms modular sectionals.

  • We are now seriously considering Peyton by Crate&Barrel that has springs in the cushionand some of the other models that do not.

I know we have largely moved away from the modern looks we started but along the journey, we realized our need for having a modern but still structured look after a few years is the right direction for our living room and concluded having spring in the cushion is critical.

All are going with a hardwood frame, velvet fabric with 50K to 100K rub count (we are proud cat owners) and looks like we've narrowed down our research based on this pretty singulr criteria. I think we are on the right track but love to hear additional suggestions / thought processes from this forum. Thanks!

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