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different wood stains through a house?

2 months ago

The title is a bit misleading. We’re doing wood-look cork floors in our basement and scraping/staining throughout the rest of the house (dining room, living room, upstairs bedrooms and upstairs hallway). The main floor that connects the steps up to the wood floors and down to the cork floors is black tile from previous owner.

The cork I chose is a light wood look. I chose it because this flooring looks so close to wood and mainly because it’s a natural and sustainable material. The basement will be used primarily as a playroom. I don’t want the rest of my house to be stained light. I want a midtone brown. They’re red oak and u don’t love light stained red oak. I also don’t want my house to look like a modern farmhouse flip wannabe. I’m trying to steer clear of current big trends and I think light oak is one of them. I’m looking to do more of a mid century vibe.

So my question is, would the brown floors throughout the house clash and fight the light wood-look cork in the basement? So people do different stains for words through a house? Thanks

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