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"The Rose Maker"

I stumbled across this movie, which is about a struggling French rose breeder, on the streaming movie service offered by my local library. It was a charming movie, but frustrating because the people who made it must have known something about roses but didn't bother getting many of the details right. Annoying things I noticed:

1. The main character says that R. wichuraiana has never been hybridized!

2. She steals a rose called "The Lion" from a corporate breeder (maybe based on Meidiland?) that she states is very fragrant and bred by Pernet-Ducher in 1848! It looks like a modern yellow hybrid tea.

3. She plans on submitting a rose to Bagatelle a year after planting the seedling.

It was fun watching a movie about roses, however. I wonder if anyone else has watched it? Apologies if it's already been discussed here--the Houzz search didn't turn up anything. Here's a link to the IMDB page:

The Rose Maker

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