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Furniture, Layout and decor in Master bedroom

last month

Our dilemma: We’re thinking of upgrading from a full sized bed to a king. With that said, our space in the master bedroom will be limited.

*currently, these are the pieces we have, and I’m open to replacing them all:

  • full size bed/frame
  • 2 nightstands
  • 1 dresser (with tv on top)

The king sized bed would take up a majority of this space, so I’m looking for recommendations/feedback on some of the following:

  • should we do without a headboard? Would that make the space look larger?
  • What about a carpet?
  • The corner of the king bed to the dresser would be very tight. Suggestions on other pieces of furniture?
  • Should the tv remain on a piece of furniture?
  • There’s a small space behind the entry way- suggestions on how to best utilize this space.

The room is ~ 11.7 ft x 12

The space behind the door is:
~3.5 feet wide x 2.3
Have ~1.9 feet behind the door when fully open

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