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Please show me your Quicksilver Arborose.

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Please show me your Quicksilver.

I planted 5 quicksilver arborose. 3 of those are own roots from heirloom and the other 2 are on multiflora from palatine roses. I think mine are in too much shade because they are just defoliated sticks most of the year (ADR Winner and all). I am thinking on moving them to an area is a lot more sun to see if that is what they need. I do not have a spot for climbers and want to grow them as large bushes. How big are your quicksilvers? Any of you growing them as self supporting plants?

The weather here has been super nice in the 50s so I have been outside planting bulbs and shoveling dirt trying to improve one of troubled clay beds. I am really excited for spring.

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