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PB Lamp Saga Continues...

Well, after waiting since March for the lamps I purchased in a Pottery Barn store, they finally arrived... October 21st. Seven months!! I had patiently waited for their arrival and excitedly opened up the packaging, only to discover that both of the included lamp shades were missing and one of the lamp harp holders was damaged. Ugh.

So, I call the store. They tell me that I should contact customer service. I have now spoken with customer service four times. FOUR! Each time I've spent about an hour on the phone trying to address the problem. Three of those times they promised me they would send a replacement order and I would receive it shortly. Each time it didn't show and I had to call back, usually waiting on hold for a long time and each time spending more than an hour on the phone.

Now they are telling me the product is no longer available, they cannot replace it, and they cannot replace the shades that were missing from the order. And I actually really want these lamps. The damage is minor but dropping another $130+ on shades that were suppsed to be included feels ridiculous. My only option is a return and then I'm out 7 months and no lamps. They refuse to give a partial refund so that I can order lamp shades. They refuse to ship me the lamp shades. But I am furious that Pottery Barn would charge me hundreds of dollars, make me wait 7 months, and now refuse to fulfill the entirety of the order.

What would you do? (Besides never order from Pottery Barn again....)

This is what the lamp is supposed to look like and the bases do look like this. Of course they still sell the lamp on their website (now final sale - so I'm afraid to re-order) but the customer service person says it's a different sku because they've changed the lamp shade size.

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