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Modern Single Lever Kitchen Faucet Which Can Mount Handle in Center?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi all.

Does anyone know of a modern single lever faucet which supports mounting it with the handle/lever in the center (ie. positioned "over the sink")?

There are quite a few posts here about doing that, but they are many years old and the people who chime in that they love theirs installed that way don't say which faucet they have, so if you have any info from back then which you think might help, I'd appreciate that as well.

All the faucets I have looked at the details for don't mention anything in the installation notes about being able to adjust the location of the lever and the ones that do mention it says you cannot.

I see that Waterstone allows this, but they are pricier than I want to spend.

I'm running out of time.... ;(

Thanks in advance.

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