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HVAC Ductwork replacement

Charmaine Ford
2 months ago

I live in Montgomery County PA outside of Philadelphia. I’ve been researching replacing our HVAC and ducts system. I have a 2800 sq ft home. The home was built in the 80’s has had two additions added on. Its a cape cod style home with the system taking up the footprint of the attic space. The current system is inefficient and not heating and cooling the home comfortably. Where the newer additions are there is no heat in the winter and not cool in the summer while the original footprint is overheated and cooled. I’ve had about 4 contractors come to quote one suggested 4 mini split systems and one came in over 50k and another 34k to replace the duct work and install a new furnace and cooling unit. Both quotes seem unreasonably high. Is this the range of pricing for this type of work? Before getting quotes i was thinking 20k - 25k max. We don’t plan to move from this home so we’d like to make it right but will consider moving if the work that needs to be done is out of the Budget/scope

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