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sodium in soil?

daninthedirt (USDA 8b, HZ9, CentTX, Sunset z30, Cfa)
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

A recent soil test showed my soil to be high in all sorts of important things, but "extremely low" in sodium. The importance of sodium seems to be a bit confused. Some sources say that sodium is simply not a nutrient, and others say that sodium is important (though at a low level) in c4 plants like root crops and brassicas. In most cases, sodium is overabundant and can be toxic, like in sodic or saline soil. But not for me.

So the question is, what fertilizers might be best for bumping up sodium? Salt is probably not smart. Baking soda might work, but my soil is already alkaline. Informed suggestions would be appreciated. My nitrates are ammoniacal, and not sodic. I know there are expensive options, like sodium molybdate and sodium aspartate, but this not being an obvious problem, I want something cheap.

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