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Tricky windows need new window treatments

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for window treatments for this space? I'm thinking either roller shades of some sort and possibly panels on the far right and left side for decoration.

The windows are pretty narrow (27 inches including the molding) so the panes are only 22" and very long (6'). The wall space between the windows is about 7.5". The total length of that window area is about 130".

Not sure if it matters but the wall color is Manchester Tan. I'm thinking of trying to stay close to the wall color to keep the look fairly neutral and flexible for when we change the furniture. Note, we will be changing the furniture and decorating in this room in the next couple of years to something more transitional in style and will be neutral in color. I know a little backwards in order but that is due to some other issues.

Would love to hear some ideas.

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